Urban planning specialist affirms that the Sustainable Stadium will bring renewal to the Yucatán

Photo: (Today.in-24)

During the talk “The city of the future: the pedestrian city” within the Smart City Expo LATAM Congress, the urban planning specialist Nicolás Pinzón affirmed that it will bring renewal of the city and the region.

Mérida, Yucatán, (October 06, 2021).- Nicolás Pinzón, renowned architect specialist in senior urban planning and project director of L35, which is an important international firm with architectural projects in different parts of the world, affirmed that the Sustainable Stadium of Yucatán is an avant-garde project that will become a milestone for the region and a source of pride for the Yucatecans, as it will bring about a renewal of the city and the region.

When offering the talk “The city of the future: the pedestrian city” within the framework of the first day of the Smart City Expo LATAM Congress, the architect said that the construction of this infrastructure is a great step for the Yucatecan capital because it will provide modern spaces that can comply with current sustainability requirements, which will put it at the level of large cities in the world.

“It will be a building that will create a sense of belonging and that will be a milestone that will allow the city to gradually adopt its qualities, which will help the urban regeneration that Mérida and the region need,” he added.

In this sense, Nicolás Pinzón pointed out the importance of the will of the citizens for the success of this project, for which, he stated, it is necessary to understand the great benefits that a project of this type may bring to Merida.

“The benefit is for everyone if we think beyond what we have and project towards the city we want and the type of spaces we seek, it will make it easier for us to understand the relevance of this type of project,” said the Colombian, based in the USA.

Nicolás Pinzón is a senior partner and project manager at L35 Arquitectos, a firm with projects in 40 countries. He leads projects in both Spain and Colombia, where he has been the director of the Colombian subsidiary since 2013. Recently, he also coordinates activities in the Central American region.

The leading architect of projects in European and Latin American countries pointed out that the world trend is in the construction of completely urban stadiums, located in the middle of cities, which makes them an urban regenerator.

He exemplified with the case of the “Santiago Bernabéu” stadium in Madrid, Spain, which is completely inserted in the urban fabric, which has contributed to the revitalization of this area and features a great sense of appropriation by the people, which is being replicated in projects in Latin America, in places like Bogotá, Colombia; and now in Mérida, Yucatán.