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Title deeds given to 250 Mayan women who widowed during the pandemic

by Yucatan Times
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Titles were given for land that had the status of ejido, common use and parcel extensions.

Mérida, Yucatán.- As part of the International Day of Rural Women, which was commemorated on October 15, the National Agrarian Registry (RAN) in Yucatán delivered property titles to 250 women who were widowed during the current coronavirus pandemic in the state and who were heirs of their husbands.

The head of RAN in Yucatan, Dalia Isela Piña Alberto, said: “we are delivering the various documents issued by the agency, in this case it is property titles; the colleagues received certificates of common use, plot certificates, we are giving priority to women who come to open the list of succession on ejido land, we are delivering validity of rights to those who have requested it in coordination with the Agrarian Attorney’s Office.

The official added that the delivery of property titles is being made in the framework of the International Day of Rural Women, which is commemorated today, and established by the United Nations (UN) in 2008.

“The International Rural Women’s Day is very important for the agrarian sector, it is about making visible the work that rural women have done historically in our country, and particularly in Yucatan, we are recognizing all Mayan peasant women, we were talking with them about all the effort they make every day, as mothers, they keep traditions alive, and above all the care they take of their children by ensuring that they eat every day, because if anyone is busy every day for their children to eat it is women through housework.”

Piña Alberto added that the 250 women benefited include inhabitants of Izamal, Maxcanú and Uayma. “They are mostly elderly women, widows, unfortunately they have lost their husbands during this pandemic, we have noticed the increase of women who have been opening their processes due to the death of their husbands.”

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