Those who vote against the electricity reform will be exhibited in the morning press conference! warns AMLO

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador during his conference at the National Palace. Photo: (Cuartoscuro)

Those legislators who vote against will be announced in the morning conferences since he affirmed that his government “is not a cover.”

MEXICO, (October 06, 2021).- By ensuring that “there will be no anonymity,” President Andrés Manuel López Obrador warned legislators that those who vote against his initiative for constitutional reform on electricity will be made known in their mornings, as he affirmed that his government “is not a cover” and everyone has to assume their responsibility.

In a morning press conference in the Auditorium of the Military School, the head of the federal Executive said that his energy reform initiative seeks to guarantee that there are low prices in electricity and that the entire population will benefit, including businessmen, as he indicated that “how are we going to industrialize the country with expensive electricity?”

“Here I tell the legislators, it is not a threat, much less a warning, but there will be no anonymity, here we all have to face each other, because legislators are going to vote in favor or against this reform for thesake of the people of Mexico.

“Here everyone is going to assume their responsibility,” AMLO concluded.

Source: Sipse