These are the ‘Pibinales’, the traditional ‘elotes’ that are cooked underground in Yucatán

The rich pibinales have a unique flavor. (Photo: Social media)

Mérida, Yucatán, (October 04, 2021).- There is little more than a month to go until the Day of the Dead celebrations, and in Yucatan, these parties are characterized by the delicious aromas of food, incense, and others that invade homes and streets to await the visit of those who have departed.

One of the smells that is more to the liking of all people is the traditional Pibinal, which is brown corn, both in its leaf and in the grains, which has not only that characteristic tone but also a totally different aroma and flavor.

In the streets for the dates of the Day of the Dead, not only do you see the sale of jicamas, mandarins, and now sugar sweets typical of the center of the country, but we also see street vendors who always have enough product to satisfy the demand for such a succulent craving.

How are the pibinales prepared? 

Its preparation is through burial, as indicated by the particle “pib” in its name, which means buried in Maya.

(Photo: Eduardo Mena)

People familiar with the subject know that a hole is first made in the ground for this, the size of which depends on the amount of freshly harvested corn that is going to be worked. Subsequently, burning firewood is placed at the bottom until it is almost completely consumed.

On this, stones will be placed that will be heated until they take on a reddish tone, and it is then that rods of Maloa (wild leaves) will be placed, and on these will go the most tender corn, from the first harvest, with everything and leaves.

(Photo: Berenice Caamal)

Then natural fiber pitas will be placed on them, in addition to more rods of Maloa, and earth will be placed. You have to keep a constant watch because when smoke starts to come out of the ground, that hole will have to be covered so that no heat escapes.

Of course, the person who prepares it, with the knowledge they already have, will know when to remove the corn, and now the result is brown corn with a completely different flavor, which should be eaten accompanied of atole, coffee, chocolate, or the drink of your preference.

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