There will be ‘bochorno’ and scattered rains this Wednesday in Yucatán

Rain is forecasted in Yucatan. (Photo:

Cold front should enter the Peninsula on Thursday, October 28th.

MÉRIDA, Yucatán.-The weather in Yucatán will be hot and with scattered rains due to the establishment of a trough over the western portion of the Yucatán Peninsula, as well as the proximity of a new tropical wave, which will be to the south of Quintana Roo.

There is a probability of rain with isolated sprinkling in the northeast, center, and east of Yucatán. In Merida, due to the entrance of tropical maritime air, partly cloudy skies with scattered showers and heat are forecast.

Temperatures will be hot to very hot during the day and warm at night, ranging from 31 to 36 degrees in Yucatán. In Merida, temperatures will be between 31 and 34 degrees.

This Thursday, October 28 at midday, the first cold front will arrive at the Yucatán Peninsula, as well as tropical wave 44, to the south of the region.

This will leave rains that will continue until Friday when the cold air mass begins to descend.