Tecoh police officers who murdered detainee sentenced to 30 years in jail

One year ago, this was where the once living man was detained by police officers.

The victim died in their custody.

Mérida Yucatán.- This Tuesday, three police officers implicated in the death of a person who was in their custody were sentenced to 30 years in prison, according to a press release issued by the State Attorney General’s Office.

Municipal police officers E.F.U.Ch., A.Ch.M. and M.A.C.Ch. were sentenced for their responsibility in the events that occurred in December of last year in the town of Tecoh, where J.L.C.Y. lost his life.

As we reported, the events occurred on December 24 of last year, when the police officers went to the Xcanchakán police station to help in a conflict.

Tecoh is located 20 miles south of downtown Merida (Google)

There they detained the now deceased and on the way to the police station located in the municipal capital, they gave him multiple blows, which eventually caused his death, for which they were arrested and the present trial was initiated.

During the proceedings of the oral trial of the three involved, the Prosecutor’s Office provided the expert, documentary, and testimonial evidence that allowed the members of the Second Trial Court to grant the conviction.

In Tuesday’s hearing, the defendants were sentenced, in addition to the prison sentence, to pay damages of more than one million 700 thousand pesos, as well as to pay for the victim’s funeral expenses.

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