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“Sharing” a new trend in housing in Mexico and around the world

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Today, sharing in the home has been strongly positioned, which is why it has set a trend in the large cities of Mexico and the world. 

October 19, 2021.- According to the condo management platform, Neivor, this shared model has been very popular in rental apps like Airbnb. 

And in real estate they are looking at how the design of a building can meet user expectations. 

For example, with amenities and services such as yoga rooms, massage rooms, organic bars (juice bars), bicycles, and coworking rooms, among others.

According to the study ” Sharing + Real Estate ” prepared by Keys AM and Human Cit, allows a totally new and innovative trend in the real estate sector: 

  • Projects: using spaces differently 
  • People – Earning income from assets they own or rent, such as an extra bedroom 
  • Company: optimizing the use of space 

“As we can see, sharing in the home responds to the need for mixed-use spaces that combine life, recreation and, sometimes, the workspace,” said Catherine Castillo, Co-founder and CEO of Neivor . 

Adaptation of sharing in the new generations 

The new generations play a key role in the sharing of buildings, according to Neivor, more and more young people will want to live and work in shared spaces. 

These are spaces that adhere to the values of their lifestyle, such as a greater concern for the environment, where common resources help reduce the carbon footprint.

“In general, millennials, and increasingly centennials, will be drawn to these kinds of places because that’s where things happen.” 

Therefore, this type of shared housing, and in general the collaborative economy, will be possible due to technological advances and digital transformation.  

Given this, the administration platform indicates that these types of companies, like theirs, will guarantee services and internal management, as the trend advances. 

“Administrators can easily meet requirements such as the allowed capacity of each common space (for example the gym), manage multiple reservations and configure the agenda, as well as the policies of each amenity in a single automated platform.” 

(Photo: Neivor)

Collaborative economy 

Neivor defines the collaborative economy as a model in which users make use of new technologies to provide, buy, sell, share or rent goods and services. 

Before the pandemic, 450 companies were engaged in this activity in areas such as housing, mobility, and crowdfunding, to mention a few.  

“With the collaborative economy we are facing a paradigm shift in which an immense number of people are sharing offices, work equipment, tools, cars, bicycles, and parking spaces, among others, but also housing,” concluded Catherine Castillo.  

Source: Inmobiliare

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