SENER exhibits companies that pay lower rates and ‘steal energy’ from the nation

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The Secretariat of Energy (SENER), is the government department in charge of production and regulation of energy in Mexico, its Secretary is a member of the Executive Cabinet. The current Secretary of Energy is Rocío Nahle García.

MEXICO, (October 14, 2021).- The secretary of energy exhibits a list of companies with interconnection contracts that benefit from lower electricity rates, including OXXO, Walmart, FEMSA, Ternium, Dominos, Starbucks, Coca Cola, Burger King, and Vips.

In the morning conference, the Energy Secretariat, Rocío Nahle, mentioned the names of the companies that have resold the electricity produced by the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE), generating tax fraud.

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Bimbo, Kimberly Clark, Oxxo, Sears, Cinépolis, 7 Eleven, Heineken, among others, have abused the self-supply permits approved in 2013 to produce their own electricity and transport it through the use of the CFE’s transmission network.

But this situation “decayed” into an illegal practice, and they created a parallel electricity market, pretending to have partners to whom they sell electricity using the CFE’s transmission lines, thus incurring tax fraud.

“This activity is illegal,” Energy Secretary Rocio Nahle pointed out when she showed a list with the companies that have allegedly committed these crimes.