Pitbull rescued from the streets is the new member of Civil Protection in Kanasín

Photo: (Yucatan ahora)

Kanasin, Yucatan, (October 09, 2021).- On September 28, the Citizen Attention Department of the Kanasín City Council received a report from citizens who reported an injured canine on the outskirts of the IMSS. The dog was in poor health, presenting considerable injuries, due to an alleged assault that had left the dog badly injured by an unknown perpetrator.

Pitbull rescatado, ahora es ''empleado'' de Protección Civil en Kanasín -  El Diario de Yucatán
Mayor Edwin Bojórquez Ramírez highlighted the city council’s commitment to animal life. Photo: (Yucatan.com.mx)

City council workers came to help him and transport him to give him the necessary medical attention. During the recovery process, the canine was under the care of agents of the Department of Civil Protection who decided to adopt it as part of the team.

Perro pitbull rescatado en Kanasín, nuevo integrante de Protección Civil
Photo: (Yucatan.com.mx)

“Respect for other forms of life speaks of human quality and the social responsibility that we have to protect these species that are vulnerable by themselves. Unfortunately, there are beings who have to go through these unfortunate situations, for this reason, we decided to adopt this dog as part of the Department of Civil Protection, the truth is we are very happy to be able to help this little animal that is behaved very well since his arrival with us “, said the first mayor.