More and more elderly people dying from Covid-19 in Yucatan

Photo: (La Jornada Maya)

Mérida, Yucatán, October 14, 2021 (ACOM) .- IN the last 24 hours, 215 new infections of Covid-19 were detected and 12 deaths were reported, mostly of older adults.

With these figures, there are 73,766 accumulated positive cases, of which 65,932 patients have already recovered and a total of 6,146 people have died from the Coronavirus.

Of the 1,688 active cases, 1,527 present mild symptoms, and 161 are in public hospitals and in total isolation.

The new infections were: 168 in Mérida, 6 in Umán, 4 in Maxcanú, Progreso and Samahil, 3 in Kanasín, Tixkokob, Tizimín and Valladolid, 2 in Izamal, 1 in Akil, Cacalchén, Chapab, Chichimilá, Conkal, Cuzamá, Ixil , Oxkutzcab, Peto, Río Lagartos, Seyé, Tecoh, Tekax, Tekit and Tzucacab.

Most of the deaths were in Mérida:

1.- Male 70 years old from Mérida Without comorbidities

2.- 61-year-old female from Mérida DM / Asthma / HAS

3.- 75-year-old female from Mérida DM / SAH / Cardiovascular disease

4.- Female 75 years of Progreso HAS / Obesity

5.- 68-year-old male from Mérida DM / SAH / Immunosuppression

6.- Male 80 years old from Mérida Without comorbidities

7.- 90-year-old female from Mérida Asma

8.- 32-year-old female of Merida Obesity

9.- 49-year-old female from Progreso DM / HAS

10.- 96-year-old female from Progreso DM

11.- 93-year-old male from Tekax HAS

12.- 74-year-old female from Valladolid Obesity


Source: Reporteros Hoy