Migrants change their course, leave Chiapas bound to Mexico City

Their final destination is the United States, but to continue moving forward they will first make a stop at CDMX. (Photo: Alejandro Gómez )

Around three thousand migrants left Tapachula, Chiapas for the capital of the country; they will ask the authorities for respect to continue their path and regularize their situation at the INM.

Mexico City, (October 23, 2021).- From five in the morning hundreds of migrants of different nationalities joined those who spent the night in the Bicentennial Park to start their march for Freedom, Dignity, and Peace towards Mexico.

The girls, boys, women, and men began to arrive at the meeting point little by little, some by taxi, others by buses, while the rest did it on foot.

This march, unlike the caravans that have left Tapachula, does not seek to reach the United States, but Mexico City with the objective that they can attend them and provide them some documents to be legally in the country and get a job.

Luis García Villagrán, the coordinator of the Centro de Dignificación Humana A.C, alerted the migrants of a strong containment operation that the authorities are already preparing, at the first immigration checkpoint outside the city.

He assured that there are around three thousand migrants who are leaving Tapachula due to the lack of attention from the migration authorities.

“We are walking hand in hand with God and we are going to use the strategies for peace, freedom, and dignity of the migrant people who no longer want to continue in this city,” he said.

(Photo: El sol de México)

The activist asked all the migrants who make up this march not to fall into provocation, to march together and arm in arm so as not to be separated from the group.

“Here we are going to walk at the pace of women, girls, and boys so that no one is left behind and can be detained by the authorities,” he said.

He added, we have to resist in the face of the authorities, but we intend to dialogue with the immigration authorities and the National Guard so that they let us advance in peace ”.

(Photo: El sol de México)

He stressed that more than a thousand boys and girls are going on this march since it is a whole family exodus, that all they want is to get to another part of Mexico where they can get papers and work.

“We ask for dialogue with the authorities so that they let them pass and they do not attack us, because it is a peaceful march and without looking for any problem with the National Institute of Migration and the National Guard,” he concluded.

Source: El Sol de México

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