México, the fifth most corrupted country, according to The World Justice Project

(Photo: expatfocus.com)

With the country’s legislators as the worst evaluated, Mexico was ranked 135 out of 139 in the WJP’s Absence of Corruption ranking.

MEXICO, October 19, 2021, (FORBES).- In its 2021 Rule of Law Index, the organization placed the country in the Absence of Corruption ranking in 135th place out of 139 nations evaluated, with a score of 0.26 on a scale of 0 to 1, where 1 is the best grade.

Mexico is placed only above Uganda, Cameroon, Cambodia and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the latter country being the worst evaluated.

Mexico’s low grade in corruption is mainly due to the rating received by the country’s legislators, of 0.10, while the Executive Power and the Judicial Power have 0.31; and the Police and the Mexican Army reach 0.33.

The Absence of Corruption ranking is one of the components of the Rule of Law Index; in this, Mexico receives an evaluation of 0.43, which places it in 113th place out of 139, one place less than last year, as well as one tenth less.

In other areas considered by The World Justice Project, Mexico is also at the bottom of the Order and Security rankings, with a score of 0.53 and 130th out of 139; Civil Justice, with 0.37 and 131st place, and Criminal Justice, with 0.29 and 129th place.

Towards the bottom of the table, but not in the last steps, the country fails in the category of Limits to government power, with 0.45 rating and 102nd place out of 139, and Regulatory compliance, with 0.44 and 105th place.

The categories in which Mexico is best evaluated are Open Government, with a score of 0.60 and 43rd place out of 139, and Fundamental Rights, with 0.49 and 91st place.

Source: Forbes