Merida City Hall is looking for more digital coverage for the people of the “White City”

via: sipse

Through the Information and Technology Directorate, Merida City Hall is conducting a study to determine the places where free internet can be installed, as it is an essential tool in daily life, using the modern web page design and a map with a pinpoint to all locations and public spaces with free wifi, they have mapped out where this essential tool is accesible.

The director, Juan Mujica Ruiz, said that at the moment they are targeting government offices where a good number of people go daily to carry out their paperwork.

“We are supporting projects that have to do mainly with economic reactivation. We are looking for elements in which technology makes more efficient procedures and services so that citizens find an easy and comfortable way to reactivate themselves”, he explained.

This will also be achieved by working together with the State Government, in order to standardize all the procedures at some point, in order to lighten several procedures that have to do with the economic recovery.