Mauricio Vila visits shipyards and companies of the Naval industry in Italy

(Photo: State Government)

Monfalcone, Italy, (October 13, 2021).- As part of the trade mission carried out by Governor Mauricio Vila Dosal in Europe to attract more investment and projects to reactivate the Yucatan economy, as well as generate more jobs, he visited the Italian cities of Monfalcone and Pordenone, where he toured the companies Fincantieri – Cantieri Navali Italiani SpA, ANPA, and Marine Interiors, all related to the Naval industry, the construction, and repairing of boats, as well as the production of cruise ship parts and accessories.

On the first day of activities in Italy, Vila Dosal met, in the port of Monfalcone, with Cristiano Bazzara, vice president of Monfalcone Shipyard Fincantieri, and with Paolo Tosi, director of Human Resources of the same company, with whom he has already signed a letter of intent for the construction in Yucatan of a shipyard within the project of expansion and modernization of the Port of Progreso, with an investment of 150 million US dollars.

Visita Mauricio Vila astilleros y empresas dedicadas a la fabricación de  barcos y cabinas navales en Italia
(Photo: State Government)

Also in Monfalcone, the governor held a meeting with Francesco Paoli, director of Roofs and Assemblies of the ANPA company, a firm dedicated to the manufacture and installation of products for the naval and construction sector. Later in the Italian city of Pordenone, the governor also met with Lino Cezza and Pierluigi Battini, executives of the firm Marine Interiors. Vila Dosal toured the manufacturing division of common and public areas of cruise ships in that city.  

Both ANPA and Marine Interiors are part of the value chain of this industry, so once Fincantieri is installed in Yucatán, they would be one of the companies that could come to the state to continue offering more employment opportunities for the Yucatecans.

Mauricio Vila visita astilleros y empresas dedicadas a la fabricación de  barcos
(Photo: State Government)

As reported, Fincantieri has a project in Yucatán to carry out the design and construction of a new ship repair, conversion, and maintenance shipyard in the Progreso port, which would include the manufacture of two masonry piers that would be the two largest in Latin America, with an investment, in its first stage, of 150 million dollars.

Hence the importance of visiting this shipyard to know the needs and conditions of construction and management.

Later, Vila Dosal was in the ANPA company, also in Monfalcone, where panels of various materials for roof coverings are manufactured, elaborated, and assembled, as well as the installation of structures for doors, windows and walls on cruise ships. There, the governor was guided through the facilities and received a comprehensive explanation from Francesco Paoli, director of Roofs and Assemblies of the firm.

Mauricio Vila visita en Italia astilleros y empresas dedicadas a la  fabricación de barcos y cabinas navales – Yucatan Ahora
(Photo: State Government)

Subsequently, Vila Dosal visited the Marine Interiors company, in the Italian city of Pordenone, where he toured the manufacturing division of growing public and common areas. There, the governor held a meeting with Lino Cezza and Pierlugi Battini, executives of the firm.

Marine Interiors is today one of the leading manufacturers in the field of cruise ship cabins and wet units. The company was established in July 2014 to enrich the overall product portfolio of the Fincantieri Group, integrating cabin design and production into its design and build flow.

Visita Mauricio Vila astilleros y empresas que fabrican barcos y cabinas  navales
(Photo: State Government)

Marine Interiors combines 20 years of experience from the former Santarossa (acquired May 5, 2015) in the building and remodeling of cabins with Fincantieri’s world of management experience in boat building and remodeling.

Since 2016, Marine Interiors has entered the public area’s business through the addition of the dedicated Fincantieri team, establishing the company as a leading global player in the segment of boat solutions for interior equipment.

As of 2018, Marine Interiors offers solutions for kitchens and provision areas through the recently incorporated Seanergy Srl. Among its products and services are Cruises, Ferries, Military Ships, Mega Yachts, Ship Repairs and Conversions, Offshore, Systems and Components, After-sales Services.

Mauricio Vila Dosal visita en Europa empresas que fabrican barcos y cabinas  navales
(Photo: State Government)

With this first stage of the governor’s work trip, the purpose of resuming the promotion of Yucatan before large national and foreign companies and continuing with the economic reactivation to generate more jobs and raise the quality of life of Yucatecan families is fulfilled.

In this first phase of the mission, the Governor was accompanied by the Undersecretary of Investment, Economic Development and Financing of the Ministry of Economic Development, Gerardo Díaz de Zavala and Mauricio Cámara Leal, Secretary of Research, Innovation and Higher Education.

Source: La Jornada Maya

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