Mauricio Vila visits Seville, Spain, one of the best cities in the world for cyclists and pedestrians

(Photo: State Government)

Mérida, Yucatán, (October 18, 2021).- In the last stage of the trade mission to reactivate the promotion of Yucatan to large foreign companies so that they invest and generate more jobs that raise the quality of life of Yucatecan families, Governor Mauricio Vila Dosal was in Seville, Spain, to learn about the actions that have made it a friendly city with the environment and innovations for sustainable mobility.

As part of his work tour of Spain, where he has been in the cities of Madrid, Getafe, and Zaragoza, Vila Dosal toured the main streets of Seville, where they have a cycling infrastructure that is an international example and that is It is important to know first-hand to learn from best practices. This project to promote bicycle use resulted in an increase in the modal report of 8 percentage points, moving the percentage of bicycle trips from 0.6% to 9%.

(Photo: State Government)

In this Spanish city, priority has been given to cyclists and pedestrians, for which dozens of kilometers of bicycle lanes have been set up throughout the city and a public bicycle rental service was launched.

As part of this experience, the Governor, the director of the Institute of Mobility and Territorial Urban Development (Imdut), Rafael Hernández Kotasek, and the general coordinator of Asesores, Álvaro Juanes Laviada, made a 10-kilometer bike ride, guided by José García Cebrián, counselor of the Government of Andalusia and mobility expert who advised on the publication of “Bases and Strategies to strengthen the use of bicycles in sustainable mobility in Yucatán”, a proposal that was presented during the installation of the Consultative Council for the Promotion of Bicycle Use in the Metropolitan Area of ​​Mérida.

(Photo: State Government)

Seville has more than 100 kilometers of pedestrian-only streets, which indicates that almost 15% of the city’s roads have been closed to vehicles. Most of these spaces are located in the touristy neighborhoods of Triana, Los Remedios, and the Centro. With these characteristics, this city is placed among the 10 best destinations in Spain for pedestrians and tourists.

(Photo: State Government)

During the meeting with José García Cebrián, Vila Dosal addressed the issue of mobility, the challenges and similar opportunities between Seville and Mérida, as well as urban development and public transport in the Spanish city with the intention of proposing solutions for the Yucatan and its municipalities.

There are similarities between Seville and Mérida, for example, in the Spanish city temperatures in part of the year reach 45 degrees Celsius, which could facilitate the adaptation of public policies to our particular context. Both cities share a flat topographic surface, facilitating the use of bicycles, and compared to other cities in their respective countries, both have a high percentage of bicycle users.

(Photo: State Government)

It has been found that, in cities like Seville, the implementation of cycling infrastructure has reduced road accidents, and increase respect for traffic regulations, road culture, and a reduction in travel times for citizens. All of the above results in benefits for citizens such as a reduction in traffic and an increase in transfer options; plus a healthier population.



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