María José relatives demand justice in front of the Yucatán Government Palace

(Photo: Cecilia Abreu)

The relatives of Maria Jose demanded to see the evidence from the Prosecutor’s Office and call the alleged implicated in the case to testify.

 Merida, Yucatan, (October 22, 2021).- María José Chalé, the mother of María José Rodríguez Chalé, affirms that her daughter was a victim of femicide and until now they have not shown her any evidence from the Prosecutor’s Office that proves it was a suicide, which is why on Thursday, October 21st, from 5:00 p.m. her parents along with family and friends raised their voices in front of the Government Palace until the mother and father were given access to the place.

The victim’s mother questions why the authorities did not detain anyone in the place where the events occurred, and why they now classify as a suicide her daughter´s femicide, even before manifesting, they only told them that the declaration of the people involved will take place on Tuesday, October 26th “what are you waiting for? More than eight days have passed since my daughter’s death ” (the mother of the deceased asks).

“I’m not saying that he killed my daughter (his partner, D.M.B.), but why did he throw a cell phone in the bushes? Why didn’t he show his face?  Why doesn’t the Prosecutor’s Office send for them?

(Photo: Cecilia Abreu)

She went to the Government Palace together with her family, as she explained, to demand that the Prosecutor’s Office show their face and call those involved to declare D.M.B., E.R.C., “as they are people of money they do nothing, they do not show videos, the only thing that I can imagine is that they are lying”.

About 40 minutes after the start of the demonstration, the sister of María José’s mother began a dialogue with the police who were guarding the entrance to the Palace, getting the mother and father to gain access to dialogue with the State Government’s Secretary-General, María Dolores Fritz Sierra.

(Photo: Cecilia Abreu)

María José Chalé and Don Juan Rodríguez spent approximately an hour and a half inside the facilities and, upon leaving, the mother explained that they asked her to go directly to the Prosecutor’s Office, where they would show her papers and videos, in addition to having called to testify today, October 22, to D.M.B., E.RC. and all the people who were present.

She witnessed that the government secretary spoke with the prosecutor to ask them to receive them today and reported to the person who treated her in the femicide area of ​​the State Prosecutor’s Office.

(Photo: Cecilia Abreu)

“I am satisfied with everything she told me, but if I see that it is not happening, I will have to return,” however, she commented that they gave her his phone number to communicate in any situation.

It was this Monday morning when María José Rodríguez Chalé was the victim of the alleged femicide, as the mother denounces, and alleged suicide, as the Prosecutor’s Office said. When the mother received a call from her nephew informing her that her daughter had just died, she said, she did not believe it was true, she thought that she had fought with her partner and fell, but she would never hurt herself.

(Photo: Cecilia Abreu)

“I never imagined being told that my daughter was dead, it is not fair what the Prosecutor’s Office is doing to us.”

In addition, the manager of La Recova Restaurant, called the mother to ask to stop putting the name of the place because they are discrediting a 40-year-old company.

(Photo: Cecilia Abreu)

The father, for his part, pointed out that the Prosecutor’s Office wanted them to close the folder for suicide; but he observed that, when he entered to recognize his daughter’s body, they only showed him the face of María José, he noticed that she had bruises and believed that they were due to the fall, “but when we were putting makeup to embalm her at the funeral home we saw that she has other marks of blows that have nothing to do with the fall ”.

They detailed that their daughter had broken teeth, a punch to the face, had her nails pulled out, and was in her underwear.

(Photo: Cecilia Abreu)

Although the Prosecutor’s Office issued a statement in which they indicated that they had already shown the images of various cameras located at the scene of the events to the young woman’s mother, father, and aunt along with her legal advisor. 

So, on Thursday, October 21st, they demonstrated claiming that this was not true. They insisted until they managed to get María Fritz Sierra to authorize them to go to the Prosecutor’s Office to see the material.

Source: La Jornada Maya