Increased rainfall expected in the Yucatan Peninsula

Rain is forecasted in Yucatan. (Photo:

A tropical wave, cold front and two troughs interact starting today in the region

A series of weather systems will cause heavy rains starting today in this region of the country, which includes the Yucatan Peninsula, according to Juan Antonio Palma Solis, coordinator of

He explains that tropical wave 35 will be located over the south of the country and will interact with cold front 2, stationary in the Gulf of Mexico.

There will also be an induced trough from the frontal system and another trough coming from Central America towards the Yucatan Peninsula, which completes the mix of systems.

He warns that the rains could cause flooding in the southern area of Campeche and in other states of the Southeast.

For the State of Yucatan, it is forecast that today there will be showers and some isolated thunderstorms in Merida, where the maximum temperature will be 34 degrees.

Showers and scattered rains are also expected in Progreso, Celestún, Peto, and Ticul, among other municipalities in the state, where the heat will prevail.

The Interinstitutional Committee for the Attention of Extreme Meteorological Phenomena (Ciafeme) of the UADY forecasts for today in Yucatan a hot environment with medium cloudy skies.

There will be a possibility of showers in the afternoon, especially in the east, southeast, south, and west of the state, and winds will blow from the east and southeast.

The maximum temperature will be 30.0 to 32.0°C on the coast and 34.0 to 36.0°C in the interior of the state in the early afternoon.

The minimum temperature will be 22.0 to 24.0°C at dawn on Thursday.