If you’re planning to explore Mexico by bus, don’t forget your documents

 In order to stop the migration crisis in the country, as of October 1st, those who are planning to travel across Mexico by bus will need to present official identification. For foreigners, this includes passports and immigration status documents that prove they are in Mexico legally.

On October 1, a group of national bus companies announced that the new requirements for purchasing bus tickets are being enforced in accordance with a request from the National Immigration Institute (INM).

For Mexican citizens, some of the valid documents required to buy tickets and board buses are voting credentials (INE), military ID, professional identification cards, and driver’s licenses.

“Based on the request from various state, federal and [INM] authorities and in the face of the extraordinary situation of the flow of migrants currently crossing the country, we would like to inform you that this protocol will be implemented,” Autobuses de Oriente (ADO) announced via their Twitter account.

The company apologized for the inconvenience and emphasized that it was complying with a government request. It also recommended that foreign travelers with questions about acceptable documentation contact the INM.

Other companies that will require immigration documents include Autobuses TAP, Enlaces Terrestres Nacionales (ETN) and Grupo Flecha Amarilla, which includes Primera Plus and Coordinados. Only some of these companies specified that they would also require an official form of identification from Mexican customers.

The announcement followed a request by President López Obrador, who asked transportation companies not to serve migrants.

“We are asking them to help us … We are talking about Mexico’s national transportation companies, the companies make it their business to move migrants,” the president said.

Source: LatinUs

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