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Hartii: a Yucatecan organization that cares for art

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Hartii: The 100% Yucatecan organization that takes care and cares for art.

In 2019, Blanca Perez and Ricardo Ponce worked together to present to the Yucatecan community a new project called Hartii; an organization that looks to gather the art collectors from the region and help them to curate, restore and catalog their art, and share their collections through their digital platforms (app and website) so more people can learn more about the current collections in Mexico.

“We believe that by sharing the art collections in Mexico in a digital way, we can propel the career of local artists and invite more people to buy and invest in art.,” said Blanca Perez, CEO of Hartii.

All art has been made to be enjoyed by the general public, and collectors have a moral duty to share their art with the community (…) An artwork that is well-known by the community is more likely to be preserved and perceived as valuable,” added Brenda Carrión, Art Director of Hartii.

Aside from the app, Hartii has a variety of services available to art-owners such as: restorations, valuations, framing, art-importations, packaging, the cataloging of art collections, art-store and more. They also work in the promotion of art through their social media, where they share news, articles and biographies, and have gathered a community of over 9,000 followers.

Yucatan collectors: in the process of learning

One thing Perez and Carrión have noticed is the collector’s need of learning to preserve and purchase art in a more thoughtful way.

Many local collectors don’t perceive themselves as such; they don’t keep a list of their collection, its worth, and they don’t make efforts to keep their art in a good state. This ultimately affects the monetary value of their collection. “Just by telling them they are collectors they sometimes feel differently over the art they possess and the value it has; they realize they are actually closer to the art world than they thought and they have a cultural treasure in their hands”, said Brenda Carrión.

Through Hartii, collectors can learn about how to properly manage their collection, preserve it and receive assessments over which artworks are worth buying or selling. They can also receive the service of cataloging to learn more about the state of their collection: how many art pieces they have, which artworks need restoration, which ones are valuable, the economic value of the collection, and more.


Their most solicited service is art restoration. Many art-owners have reached Hartii looking for an opportunity to fix the damage their painting has suffered over time. Any artwork you have, no matter if it’s monetary or emotionally valuable, can be restored. They also misadvise people to reach out for an artist to restore paintings by other authors.

Although artists may have a talent for painting, restoration goes beyond the ability to paint; a restorer knows about materials, chemicals, techniques, and other important aspects when it comes to choosing the best procedure for their artwork.

The next step for Hartii: Art Exhibits

“Now we are looking forward to beginning a new stage in Hartii with art exhibits, working close to local artists, collectors, and public spaces.”, said Blanca Perez. “We are very excited to start working in these events and we hope the current health crisis will soon allow us to reach a wider public.”

To learn more about Hartii, you can visit their website https://www.hartii.art/en or visit their social media platforms such as:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/hartii.art/

Instagram: www.instagram.com/hartii.art/

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