Governor Mauricio Vila leads the 200 years Mexican Navy anniversary celebration

Photo: (Yucatan ahora)

Progreso, Yucatán, (October 05, 2021).- Governor Mauricio Vila Dosal headed this afternoon the commemorative ceremony for the 200th anniversary of the Mexican Navy, held in the Patio de Honor of the IX Naval Zone in the harbor of Yucalpetén.

Accompanied by the representatives of the Legislative Powers, Víctor Hugo Lozano Poveda and Judicial, Ricardo Ávila Heredia, Vila Dosal witnessed the act, which was held in recognition of all the men and women who give their lives to honor the safety of the nation.

During the ceremony, the commander of the IX Naval Zone, Vice Admiral Adrián Hermilo Valle González, representing the head of the Secretary of the Navy, Rafael Ojeda Durán, highlighted the functions and values ​​that characterize this noble institution.

In his message, Valle González explained the historical journey that the Mexican Navy has traveled to celebrate these 200 years, in which it has dedicated itself to defending the legitimate intentions of the people, always seeking, through the actions implemented, the national interests.

Photo: (Yucatan ahora)

Likewise, the commander of the IX Naval Zone recalled that it was on October 4, 1821, when the naval sailors undertook their challenging journey in the blog of our country when the Ministry of War and Navy was created and, with it, the unparalleled opportunity to demonstrate an iron patriotism in and from the sea. With this action, he continued explaining, the history of this institution as a Mexican war body began with the objective of avoiding the reconquest of the territory and with this to form the first line of defense of the country.

Since then, the Vice Admiral continued, the naval navies have fulfilled each of the missions entrusted with dedication, and continue to sail the Mexican seas, ensuring national sovereignty, safeguarding human life at sea, and of course, seeking support for the population. in the event of disasters over 200 years, until it was transformed and consolidated as the Mexican Navy.

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“We are an institution that comes from the Mexican people, to whom we owe ourselves and whom we serve. In this way, I endorse the commitment to fulfill the mission. With an enormous love for Mexico, the naval sailors have been and will be in favor of the best causes of the nation: unity, honesty, peace, security, and social welfare. I praise our pride and great honor for being part of the history of our institution, and at the same time express our wish that we can celebrate two more centuries. Always committed to the nation, and in our case in particular, to the Yucatecan society. Determined to work to serve Mexico ”, he concluded.

During the event were present, the commander of the 32nd Military Zone, Brigadier General Francisco Miguel Aranda Gutiérrez; the commander of Military Air Base Number 8, General of the Aviator Pilot Group José de Jesús Morán Gutiérrez; the Secretary-General of the Government, María Fritz Sierra; the State Attorney General, Juan Manuel León; the director of the Integral Port Administration (API), retired admiral Jorge Carlos Tobilla Rodríguez and the mayor of Progreso, Julián Zacarías Curi.