Former Yucatan Governor Ivonne Ortega files a complaint about the alleged violation of her son´s rights

Photo: (La jornada maya)

She points out that her eight-year-old child has been the victim of online images and “memes”.

Merida, Yucatan, (October 15, 2021).- Álvaro Humberto, the son of federal representative Ivonne Ortega Pacheco, has been the victim of images and “memes” that make fun of the minor, which is why his mother, on October 14, took action on the matter with a complaint to the Prosecutor’s Office General of the Republic (FGR) against the person or persons who are involved in the violation of the rights of the child.

The little boy was born on May 21, 2013, he is currently eight years old and, at his young age, the Citizen Movement party reported that they had already detected several internet sites, as well as social networks, that use an image of Ivonne Ortega and, through of a photomontage, they added the image of their minor son, which violates the human rights of the infant because they have been exhibited, disseminated and produced to the detriment of his integrity, “in an evident violation of the right to protect life private ”.

The complaint filed by the mother alleges that they violate precisely that right to the protection of private life, but also other rights such as access to a life free of violence, personal integrity.

It also considers that using the images of Álvaro Humberto made the illegal obtaining of personal data, situations that “constitute federal crimes that merit prison sentences.”

Although they state that they do not try to restrict the right to freedom of expression or information, the best interests of childhood and the pro-person principle go above in the legal framework for the protection of the laws of the country and the international treaties that oversee and protect girls, boys, and adolescents.

Exposure to scrutiny and criticism usually occurs when being a public figure, they say, however they point out that the rights for the protection of privacy and intimacy should never be set aside, especially when it comes to children.

“Any violation of this line represents a federal crime that must be made visible and reported in order to apply the corresponding criminal penalties because childhood and adolescence should never be objects of irony. They are subjects of law and the law must be in their defense ”, the statement concludes.

Source: La Jornada Maya

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