For Hanal Pixan, people return to markets in Mérida

Mercado Lucas de Galvez (Photo:

Tenants of the Lucas de Gálvez and San Benito markets reported positive sales during the weekend, due to the celebrations of Hanal Pixán.

After almost two years of a low influx in the markets, given the measures to contain the pandemic by Covid-19, on Saturday, October 30th, the aisles of the markets showed the recovery that is being experienced in the city with a large movement of buyers acquiring what is necessary for their altars and dinner on Day of The Dead.

Conditions changed from last year; A large sector of the population already has the Covid-19 vaccine and some restrictions have already been lifted, which has allowed many to go out with more confidence, and into the Lucas de Galvez to buy everything necessary to make their offerings.

Tenants tried to keep prices attractive or at least similar to the previous year. However, some buyers indicated that some products for the production of the traditional Pib “are more expensive than ever.”

Family spending

Lorena Bates indicated that she practically invested about 1,000 in products for the elaboration of the traditional GDP and the offering.

He said that to reduce costs he will use some products that he already has at home. “No way, more cabbage and cauldron to complete the pib,” he says with good humor and some resignation.

Javier Piña, the tenant of the “La Nueva Erika” chicken shop, explained that the chicken is offered there at prices ranging between $30 and $45 pesos per kilo. “I hope the public finds the price attractive, chicken is cheaper than pork,” he stated.