Fire at a “Dunosusa” store in Mérida´s Chenkú neighborhood

Photo: (Yucatan a la mano)

Mérida, Yucatán, (Ocotber 07, 2021).- On Wednesday, October 6th, at 6th in the morning, there was a fire inside the well-known grocery store “Dunosusa” located in the subdivision of Residencial del Norte Chenkú, west side of Mérida.

Around six o’clock in the morning, Chenkú residents witnessed the immediate mobilization of the fire department and agents of the Ministry of Public Security (SSP), who had to break the metal curtain to enter the business located in Calle 21-A, between 38 of the Residencial del Norte Chenkú subdivision, and begin with the pertinent work to put out the fire.

Photo: (Yucatan a la mano)

According to witnesses, the smoke that gave off from the place could be seen from several blocks around.

Photo: (Yucatan a la mano)

Fortunately, at the time of the accident, no people were inside the property, so only material damage was reported.

The source of the fire was allegedly a short circuit in a beer fridge.



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