Due to legal uncertainty, 24 wind and solar farms are not operating in Yucatan

MÉRIDA, MX.- The governor of Yucatán, Mauricio Vila Dosal, indicated that there are 24 renewable energy projects in the state that are at a standstill, due to changes in policies and regulations at the federal level, as well as a lack of legal certainty.

“The truth is that we had a very promising future, because apart from that, we had another 24 renewable energy projects, already authorized by Cenace (National Energy Control Center), and 9 of them were in the long-term auctions. As you know, there was a change in policies and regulations at the federal level, and unfortunately, all these projects are practically at a standstill, due to the lack of legal certainty, and lack of conditions”, the governor indicated.

He mentioned that, if Yucatan had achieved the consolidation of these projects, it would be the first state in all of Mexico to produce more clean energy than the energy it produces.

“It was going to be an example at a national and international level because not even the most advanced countries manage to have these rates of clean energy. But well, it is not a question of seeing what is wrong, but how we are going to solve it”, the state governor pointed out.

In view of the lack of development of these projects, Vila Dosal stated that the Federal Government, the Federal Electricity Commission, is committed to the construction of two combined cycle plants: one in the city of Merida, Merida IV, which will operate with natural gas and diesel, and will have an installed capacity of 521 megawatts, and also a new combined cycle plant in Valladolid, which will have a capacity of 1,037 megawatts.

“We would say that the energy needs for Yucatan would be solved for the next few years, and here, the important issue would be that hopefully these plants could operate with natural gas and not with fuel oil, which pollutes more and generates a higher cost for electric energy”, he explained.

However, he mentioned that they will try to lower the cost of electricity in Yucatan and they hope that with the use of natural gas it will be possible.

More than 727 million dollars have been invested recently, mainly for the wind farms of Tizimín, Dzilam de Bravo, Progreso, wind farms of 84, 70 and 90 megawatts of capacity, respectively.

Similarly, investments have been made in two photovoltaic parks, one in San Ignacio, Progreso municipality; and another in Peto, of 18 and 38 megawatts, which together generate 300 megawatts of installed capacity, which is a figure almost 43% higher than what was generated in 2019 and already represents 25% of the state’s energy consumption.