Drainage workers free up a massive flood in Plaza Las Americas

Via: ReporterosHoy

The flooding at Plaza Las Americas reached 1.5 meters in height

Mérida, Yucatán.- The City Hall of Mérida, through the Directorate of Municipal Public Services, implemented an extraordinary operation in the west zone of the city, to attend to reports of flooded roads due to heavy rains on Tuesday, October 5th.

In this extraordinary operation, Servicios Públicos set up a crew of 15 drainage workers who went around the area to remove the water from the streets surrounding Plaza Las Américas, in the Miguel Hidalgo subdivision.

Via: ReporterosHoy

This crew also reinforced the work with two tracks from the Municipality and one from the State Government with a capacity of 20,000 liters, two drainage pumps, and a three-ton dump truck.

The workers were freeing important arteries so that drivers could travel without risk to their safety.

Likewise, Civil Protection personnel made several tours to detect other risk areas and implement the respective safety protocols.

According to the weather report, the rainfall was concentrated in the Poniente area, discharging 111.2 mm of water according to CONAGUA’s registry, which caused the water to rise up to 1.5 meters in the area surrounding the site.