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Demand for security in Tulum increases after the death of tourists

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Citizens demand an end to the “dark side of Tulum” after the death of tourists in a shooting at La Malquerida bar

Quintana Roo, (October 22, 2021).- After the shooting that took the lives of two foreign tourists, the demand for security in Tulum has increased in social networks.

The municipal president of Tulum, Marciano Dzul Caamal, through his Twitter account, stated that he strongly condemns the tragic events that occurred in the municipality, in turn, commented that he has instructed the Municipal Police to collaborate in the investigation.

And this statement was not enough, as both residents and tourists responded to demand greater security.

“That street had 6 shootings in less than 1 year, the simplest thing is to put armed policemen on every corner and voila, the problem is over, the same in the hotel zone. But the authorities think that by marching in their patrols they get something, no, they don’t get ANYTHING, we are going to die shot ” wrote a user.

“I am one of the people who was in El Malquerida bar, right at the next table they shot 2 people. Do you speak of security? It’s as easy as having more policemen in those busy streets, don’t screw me if I went to the super Chedraui and there were 3 security officers with rifles, ” a witness attacks.

The Attorney General of the State of Quintana Roo initiates investigation folder

After the shooting on the night of Wednesday, October 20 of this year, which left two foreigners dead and three people injured in the La Malquerida bar, the corresponding investigation folder has been opened.

Given the events recorded, the Prosecutor’s Office reported that the investigation folder was opened, and one of the attackers involved has already been located, who is in the general hospital.

The demand for security in Tulum is nothing new

On October 17, 2021, on social networks, an image was viralized in which you can see a ‘graffiti’ mattress with the following caption “Tulum is not like on Instagram” and the answers are the demands of residents and visitors about insecurity.

“The point of the message is that Tulum is being destroyed by organized crime, every day there are shootings consequence of fights between cartels, the local authorities do not want people to see the dark side of Tulum. It’s not only crime, but also the ecocide that is taking place in Tulum is horrible ” wrote a Facebook user.

“Also talk about all the women who disappear and are murdered, about drug cartels, human trafficking, etc,” commented another Internet user.

“Tulum too expensive and full of drug traffickers. I was too disappointed. I stayed in selina ”adds a user.

Source: Sipse

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