Critical stage of tropical cyclones in Yucatán coming to an end


On Friday, October 15, the most active cycle of tropical cyclones for Yucatan comes to an end.

MÉRIDA, Yucatán, (October 13, 2021).- Although September was benevolent for the entity, since there were no threats of a cyclone, we must not lower our guard.

After pointing out the above, Juan Vázquez Montalvo, meteorologist of the Institutional Committee for the Attention of Extreme Meteorological Phenomena (Ciafeme) of the UADY, recalled that the strongest hurricanes have impacted the State between August and September, but this year there was no risk after the tropical storm “Grace” pass, so we practically “skipped” a good part of the active season. 

“September was benevolent, but in October there is still danger for the Peninsula because the southern Caribbean is activated and the forecasts indicate that it will be an active month, so we must be aware in case a cyclone arrives,” he said. 

Cold fronts season

The also collaborator said that next Friday, October 15, is an important date since the most active cycle of tropical cyclones for Yucatan ends and the cold fronts season begins and this month at least two frontal systems are forecast for the Peninsula. 

Temporada de huracanes 2021: octubre mes más peligroso para Yucatán?
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And for this weekend, Vázquez Montalvo predicted a hot environment, a cloudy sky, and the potential for rain, especially on Sunday, October 17th, for the entire state.

Source: Sipse

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