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Construction works continue on Mérida’s “Paso Deprimido”… Why is it taking so long?

by Yucatan Times
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The works were not affected by the recent rains.

In spite of last week’s rains, the works to rehabilitate the “Paso Deprimido” on the junction of Prolongación Paseo de Montejo with Circuito Colonias were carried out without setbacks (that is what the Merida municipal government says, but why is it taking so long to complete the work?).

Last week the four temporary extractor pumps were removed to control the water that seeped into the tunnel area, and demolition work was carried out on the surface of the bases and earth.

Once the watertight backfill has been placed to level and achieved a higher level of the road surface, and with the removal of the pumps, the last stage of the road surface in the tunnel area will be able to be poured.

Regarding the south ramp, the rainwater collection grids were placed, 70 linear meters of the central median were planted and 500 square meters of asphalt concrete were restored at the access and exit in the direction of the Monumento a la Patria.

A total of 915 square meters of asphalt were installed on this ramp.

In the area known as the tunnel, after the removal of the four extractor pumps, the space of 16 square meters was filled with cyclopean concrete, in order to prepare for the placement of the geo-mesh and its filling with stone material, for the subsequent reinforcement of the steel fabric and the casting of the bearing surface with high resistance hydraulic concrete.

Cyclopean concrete derives its name from this ancient method. It is a form of mass concrete in which stones are placed as the concrete is poured. These are called plums or pudding stones and are 100 pounds (45 kg) or more in weight.

In the same area, the installation of ducts for the supply of pumps and lighting fixtures is being carried out. Sixty square meters of the wall were poured in this area.

It was reported that so far 310 tons of steel, 375 cubic meters of stone material, 94 cubic meters of gravel, and 3,254 cubic meters of concrete, equivalent to 534 concrete pots, have entered the site.

This work consists of raising the level of the lower lanes to 1.50 meters and preserving the upper lanes, adapting the vehicle accesses to the traffic circle.

The Dirección de Obras Públicas del Ayuntamiento de Mérida in coordination with the Colegio de Ingenieros Civiles de Yucatán, A. C. is keeping an eye on the work and supervising the restoration site, verifying that the work is being carried out in accordance with the project, it is stated.

Regarding the north ramp of the “Paso Deprimido”, it was explained that last week 480 square meters of hydraulic concrete were poured and the steel reinforcement continues to be placed on the geo-mesh that surrounds the stone material, which serves as a base for this reinforcement. This space has an area of 270 square meters for the final pouring of the road surface.

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