Citizens complain about the lack of medicines at Campeche’s Issste clinics

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The AMLO administration is now known for creating an alarming shortage of medicines at government hospitals nationwide.

Campeche, (October 11, 2021).- The complaints against the ISSSTE Clinic “Dr. Patricio Trueba de Regil ”in Campeche, because just last week a group of heirs gathered at the door to express their disagreement about the cut-off of appointments in the Family Medicine area, since the beginning of the pandemic the care for only 20 patients, and, as if that were not enough, the decision was currently made to attend only the first 4 in line.

In the same way, some citizens, after leaving their medical consultation in this hospital, denounced that it is not only the lack of medicines and appointments that afflicts many beneficiaries but that now even the lack of office supplies hinders the work of all medical personnel.

This situation has fed up hundreds of families who come to consult, since there are no medicines for their ailments, they end up solving them out of their pockets, which is a real tragedy, given the economic conditions they are going through due to the health emergency, on the other hand, workers also raised their voices because they have run out of prescription blocks so they have to print them to deliver to the right holders, however, this issue is also a matter of concern because there is no toner in the printers either.

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