Campeche police patrol cars are ‘painted’ in pink

Photo: (Yucatan a la mano)

Although until now the functionality of the patrols with distinctive pinks is unknown, three units already present this new image

Campeche, (October 06, 2021).- Patrols of the Campeche State Police (PE) belonging to the Ministry of Public Security (SSP) are painted in Pink, although they have not officially gone into circulation. However, three units were caught on tape driving in the direction of their base featuring logos in pink with the slogan “Brave Woman”.

Presumably, these units would be operating on reports of crimes against women are violated, but so far, this has not been confirmed.

Although they were already seen on the street, the “pink” units have not been officially presented, unofficially it is known that these patrol cars will be driven by women only, although another version indicates that the pink color is just a temporary thing during the commemoration of women fighting cancer.

So far no authority has commented on anything, but it is expected that these will be announced during the conference by Governor Layda Sansores San Román.