Authorities analyzing if the Hanal Pixán Altars exhibition can be held in Mérida’s Plaza Grande

(Photo: En Yucatán)

Mérida, Yucatán, (October 09, 2021).- The Great Exhibition of Altars in the Plaza Grande of Mérida, on the occasion of Hanal Pixán, continues to be analyzed by municipal and state authorities.

The Secretary of Culture and the Arts, Loreto Villanueva Trujillo reported that, whether or not this event takes place, there will be activities related to this celebration.

“Artistic and cultural events will be held to promote Hanal Pixán at the end of this month. We will hold a bilingual conference in Maya and Spanish on the elements that make up the altar, its meaning, and its history. We will also have theatrical plays with artistic groups, we have those in the municipalities of Oxkutzcab, in Tecoh, and also in Mérida ”, she explained.

“We are still analyzing if the altars exhibition will be carried out or not because we want to avoid crowds as much as possible, so it could be carried out in a virtual manner, but we are still yet to decide ”, she asserted.

She stressed that alternatives are being sought to manifest this tradition for the Day of the Dead and that is why various activities related to the subject have already been scheduled, such as theater and conferences.