“Asociación de Cantineros” emerges strong in Merida

La Negrita Bar (Photo: Debate)

As a response to what they perceive as unjust over-regulation, owners and administrators of Yucatán’s bars and cantinas have formed a new lobbying association. 

The group, which is now known as Asociación de Cantineros, is already made up of over 120 members but is yet to elect its first president. 

Attorney Óscar Sauri Bazán said that the new association would seek more dialogue and a greater understanding with the state government.

Yucatán’s bars and cantinas have been among the businesses worst hit by the COVID-19 pandemic and have also, at least in their own eyes, have been the victims of unfair treatment.

Though many of Yucatán’s bars and cantinas have now reopened, they are still operating under special restaurant licenses which incur a cost of 5,000 pesos a month.

The now reopened bars and cantinas are operating under social distancing guidelines and at reduced capacity and operating hours — though recently they have been allowed to host live music once again

Yucatán’s bar and cantina administrators insist that they are doing everything in their power to keep their guests and staff safe. But many feel that their industry has been scapegoated as a hotspot for COVID-19 contagion. 

Though some establishments have not been able to survive the COVID-19 pandemic, surprisingly, others such as Centro’s Bonampak have opened during the crisis — though they did get temporarily shut down by city authorities. 

Source: YEL