AMLO´s Maya Train Project in Yucatan has advanced barely 10 percent

Tren Maya works in Izamal (Photo: Animal Politico)

The Territorial liaison of the Maya train in Yucatan affirms that there are no delays, ‘the works are going in a timely manner’.

MÉRIDA, Yucatán, (October 11, 2021).- The territorial link of the Maya train in Yucatán, Aarón Rosado Castillo, reported that at this moment in sections three and four, which will cross the State, they have an advance of 10 percent.

Likewise, he explained that of the 158 kilometers that are planned to be built in the last route within Yucatan, which goes from Izamal to Cancun, only 12 kilometers have been built. 

“The dynamics of the work of the Maya train in Yucatan is divided into stages. Phase one begins in Palenque and goes to Cancun, and from there to Tulum. Among these are the sub-sections, which are divided in Calkiní to Izamal and from there to Cancun, which also have sub-sections that have different gradual advances ”, he explained. 

He explained that in section four of the Maya train in Yucatan, 12 kilometers of the 158 that have been established are finished, works that are done at the same time as the installation of the railroad that will be built parallel to the highway.

No delay in Maya train works in Yucatán

“We are on schedule, there are no delays at all. With the dynamics that the Covid pandemic has imposed on us, which paid for a series of challenges along the way, the necessary adjustments have currently been made to maintain the work in a timely manner, ” he indicated.

Rosado Castillo argued in section three they work with the generation of the earthworks to put the ballast that is needed, but in the same way, various plants have been installed to create sleepers within the lands of the municipality of Umán, as well as the center of collection in Maxcanú. 

“All of this as a whole encourages the work of the Maya Train in Yucatan to proceed in due time and form. The dynamics of the Maya Train in Southeast Mexico is maintained, some of the modifications have been made to shorten times and make the operation more efficient and be able to conclude the works in a timely manner.

Source: Sipse