ADO electric buses would circulate in the Yucatan Peninsula early next year

Photo: (El Financiero)

Merida is expected to be the pilot city for the introduction of electric buses

Merida, Yucatan; October 08, 2021 (ACOM) .- The company Autotransportes de Oriente (ADO) chose Mérida to be the pilot city for the introduction of electric buses that will start operating in 2022 and will cover routes in the peninsular area.

Eduardo Córdova Balbuena, manager of the southern region of Mobility-ADO, anticipated that the company will begin the introduction of electric buses on its commercial routes through the peninsula.

“The ADO electric trucks will provide service from Mérida to other destinations,” revealed the company executive, who added that it is expected that it will be from 2022 when the replacement of the diesel buses that are operating now will begin to give rise to a more efficient, comfortable and safe service, as is already done in some European countries.

Mobility ADO inicia pruebas de un autobús 100% eléctrico en Zaragoza, España
Photo: (Guia del viajero)

The first units are expected to arrive in Yucatán during the first part of 2022 to proceed with the measurement of schedules, the change process and training of the drivers who will be in charge of less polluting vehicles.

The also president of the National Chamber of Passenger Transportation and Tourism in Yucatán (Canapat) assured that the new ADO bus will be more environmentally friendly and will be completely electric, he said.

Without detailing the figures of the investment that will be allocated to this project, he said that the Yucatecan capital is expected to be one of the first in the country where the “pilot” runs for these units, which will be the most modern in the market, will begin and be established.

Source: Reporteros Hoy