8-year-old girl suffers burns in Uayma, Yucatán and is urgently taken to a Texas hospital

(Photo: Michou and Mau Foundation)

Michou and Mau Foundation helps with their urgent transfer to a Texas hospital

MÉRIDA, Yucatán, (October 16, 2021) .- A 8-year-old girl that got burned in Uayma, Yucatán municipality, was transferred to a Texas hospital to save her life and prevent her injuries from becoming more serious.

The Michou and Mau IAP Foundation reported on Saturday, October 16th, they carried out the transfer of the little 8-year-old Yusemi, originally from Uayma, Yucatán. 

Unfortunately, Yusemi had a burn on 40% of her body, when a pot of nixtamal accidentally fell on her.

(Photo: Michou and Mau Foundation)

“We are grateful for the invaluable support of the Yucatán State Public Charity Heritage Administration and Shriners Children’s Texas, which will provide free and specialized care to Yusemi. We ask for your support to share prevention tips and thus avoid accidents, ” said the Michou and Mau foundation on its social networks.

Source: Sipse

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