5 CBD Products for Beginners

If you are new to trying cannabidiol (CBD), it can be daunting to look at dispensaries and online retailers and how many different products they have. Many people trying CBD for the first time seek to try it for health and wellness reasons. Some products can be more difficult to understand, or have added costs to get started, such as vaping CBD oil or smoking hemp joints. If you want something simple to use that will help with a variety of health concerns, you can try these five products.

CBD is the most common and versatile kind of CBD product. When cannabidiol is extracted from the plant, it is combined with a carrier oil that helps your body absorb it more efficiently. That combination is added to a small dropper bottle, and you can get it in different levels of CBD concentration. The smaller amount you can usually find is 500 mg, which is good for beginners to try. The bottles come with a dropper to control your dosage, so you can start small and work up based on how it affects you.

CBD Gummies
The second most common kind of CBD product you can find is a delta 8 edible, especially gummies. CBD gets infused in the gummies, which gives you a convenient sized piece of candy for managing the correct dosage. The other benefit is that gummy edibles help get around the natural flavor of CBD oil, which can be an acquired taste. There are many different kinds of gummies and flavors, so you can find something that suits your taste.

CBD Cream
CBD cream is easy to use, and you can apply it to the area of your skin that needs pain relief or inflammation reduction. In addition to those two general benefits, CBD also has some specific benefits for your skin because it is a strong source of antioxidants and omega fatty acids. Both of those are highly in demand ingredients for skincare products to help with anti-aging, acne, and other skin issues.

CBD Capsule
CBD capsules come in different levels of CBD concentration to increase or decrease the dose you want to take. If you take it purely for medical reasons, you can add it to your daily medication routine and the tools you use to track what you take. The reason why capsules are good for beginners is because they are easy and familiar to take, just like other pills.

CBD tea mixes hemp flowers into loose leaf tea, and can help with various health issues. The warmth of the tea and the slow sipping lends itself to calm and relaxation, but the additional properties of CBD help to reduce pain, inflammation, and improve sleep. You can also get CBD tea with other herbs to have an even greater benefit to your wellness.

These five CBD products are by no means the only type you can get. They also come with easy and convenient ways to control their dosage, so you can be sure you’re taking the correct amount for your needs.