5 Best States For Work Remotely

The pandemic proved that working remotely has its own benefits. A lot of workers prefer the safety and freedom that working from home brings, not to mention the reduced stress of commuting to work. Additionally, companies can save on office space. With the COVID-19 pandemic, employers learned that letting employees work remotely doesn’t necessarily mean a loss in productivity. Hence, it is not surprising to find that many companies are currently allowing their employees to work remotely.

According to studies, several companies are also expanding their remote work options, such as Amazon. For example, the spokesperson of Amazon said that they are looking to allow more corporate employees to work from home up to two days per week. Additionally, Google stated that nearly 20 percent of its employees would permanently work remotely.

A study conducted by the research firm Global Workplace Analytics projected that around 25-30 percent of the workforce in the United States would be telecommuting several days per week.

For many workers, this means they can work from anywhere they prefer—not necessarily having to commute to an office. In such a scenario, we decided to put together a list of the best states to work remotely in America. From the cost of living to life quality and tax burden, we have considered all the essential factors to come up with this list of the five best states to enjoy a work-at-home life.

  1. Hawaii

Hawaii features an unbelievably low property tax rate of 0.30 percent per year. The state also has the lowest effective property taxes in all of America.

However, this benefit does come with a big caveat—the median home value in Hawaii is the highest in the country, a whopping $648,000. So, even amidst the low rate, the average property tax would range around $1800 per year, which is around three times larger than in West Virginia and Alabama.

Nevertheless, if you compare this value with the nationwide averages, you would see that the cost actually isn’t a lot.

Another factor to consider when deciding to move to Hawaii is the living expenses, which are the highest in America due to the high price of essential goods and utilities. However, a few people argue that the state’s natural beauty, weather, and access to entertainment are worth the cost. But if you are looking to save money, Hawaii isn’t probably for you.

  1. Alabama

If you are looking to set up your sweet home, then one state you should look at is Alabama. With a property tax rate of nearly 0.40 percent per year, the state features one of the lowest median home values in the country, ranging at around $150,000. This means you will only be paying a mere $600 in annual property taxes.

The low price is a result of Alabama’s low median income. The state is also known as one of the poorest states in the Union. However, it sure is an attractive destination for homeownership.

  1. Louisiana

With an effective tax rate of 0.52 percent, and a median home value of nearly $170,000, Louisiana ranks third in this list. The average annual property tax rate in this state comes to just over $900.

Additionally, you can also benefit from Louisiana’s lowest gasoline taxes. You will only have to pay around 20 cents per gallon, meaning another way to save money if you like to travel.

What’s more, Louisiana recently legalized sports betting and gambling. So, moving to the state for remote work means you can spend your leisure time in one of the sportsbooks in Louisiana to try your luck at winning a pot.

  1. Wyoming

Wyoming features a property tax rate of 0.55 percent, resulting in a median home value of just about $250,000. Furthermore, an average Wyomingite is found to spend around $1400 on annual property tax.

If you choose to stay in Wyoming, there are several ways through which you can save a good lot of money. Firstly, thanks to its abundant natural resources, the state doesn’t charge income tax. When it comes to the sales tax, it is 4 percent, one of the lowest in the country.

Wyoming is the least populated state in the Union—it has less than 600,000 people, while California, the most populated state in America, has 40 million people. This means you will get the added benefit of enjoying a lot of space to yourself.

  1. West Virginia

Due to the low housing prices, West Virginia proves to be an attractive destination for homeowners of all kinds. The average home price in the state is $107,064—in fact, you will find the cheapest houses in America in West Virginia.

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