Yucatán Representatives propose flexible work schedules for parents

(Photo: www.insly.com)

Members of the Congress propose that Yucatecan workers have flexible work schedules to accompany their children in school.

Representatives of the PAN and PRI in the Legislative Branch propose that the three branches of the State, the autonomous agencies, and the private sector consider flexible schedules for parents to accompany their children in preschool, elementary, middle, and high school until on-site classes are normalized.

In general matters of the plenary session, Fabiola Loeza Novelo, local representative for the PRI, presented a point of agreement for the Congress to exhort the powers of the State, the heads of the 106 city councils, autonomous agencies, as well as the private initiative; In order to consider flexible schedules, without affecting their jobs and activities, and in general, actions that allow and facilitate working conditions so that mothers and fathers who work have time for the due accompaniment of their children in preschool, elementary, middle and high school, until on-site education is normalized in the entity without any risk to their health.

He added that the exhortation does not imply the suspension of work or that activities related to areas considered strategic or essential are put at risk. In this regard, the PAN deputy, Karla Salazar González, expressed her position on the aforementioned point of agreement and presented addition to strengthen the proposal.

The President of the Board of Directors, Pilar Santos Diaz, turned both matters to the General Secretariat for a second reading in the following session.