Young man missing in the municipality of Opichén was found lifeless two days later

Photo: (Sipse)

MÉRIDA, Yucatán, (September 17, 2021).- After two days of searching, finally, this Thursday, Sept. 16th, the body of the young Ángel Gabriel “N” , aged 18 , was found in the mountains of the municipality of Opichén .

The young man left his home to go to work on Tuesday, Sept. 14th, with his father on a plot, but from then on no one heard from him.

This Wednesday various objects of the missing boy were found, including his shotgun and his cell phone, which were damaged, but his whereabouts were unknown.

This Thursday, after several hours of searching by various groups of people, a body was found, which was shortly afterwards identified by his relatives.

The State and Municipal Police arrived at the place, as well as personnel from the Forensic Medical Service for the legal proceedings.

Cause of death unknown

Unofficially it was said that the young man died of dehydration, but for his relatives this is difficult to believe, in addition to emphasizing that he could not have been lost in the bush because his shotgun and his cell phone were damaged.

Also, it turned out that the body was found in poor condition and with bruises, but the relatives said they were hopeful that the autopsy would clarify what happened.

Source: Sipse