Yet another tourist ripped off and mistreated in Progreso

Progreso palapas

This, the 3rd case in 7 days.

PROGRESO, YUCATAN – Yesterday a new complaint arose from tourists against those who rent tables with umbrellas on the Malecon beach: now two young women from Mexico City even resorted to the Municipal Police to be reimbursed $250 that a worker charged them for the rental of a piece of furniture that turned out to belong to another renter.

Estéfani Garduño and Daniela Ramírez, both from the country’s capital, said they were disappointed to leave the port, as they did not expect mistreatment or abuse by service providers.

Roberto Sánchez González, president of the Chamber of Commerce, Services and Tourism (Canaco-Servytur) of this city, said that on the traditional boardwalk there is anarchy and disorder, there are stretches converted into canteens and where they offer expensive services.

The director affirmed that it is urgent that the authorities of Health and the City Hall put order and apply the law in the Malecon because the problem of abusive charges against tourists is out of control.

He said that there are complaints against the service providers, although not against all, for highly abusive prices. This affects the port very much because just one tourist who spreads the word that he was mistreated is enough to give Progreso a bad image.

The case of the young women from the capital is added to that of a passenger of the “Carnival Breeze” and of a family from Tabasco who, last week, complained about excessive charges at the Malecon beach.