Women’s softball, the sport of excellence among the Yucatán rural communities

Photo: (Yucatan ahora)

YUCATAN, (September 21, 2021).- Softball has become the sport of excellence among women in the Maya communities of Yucatán, where fierce matches are held every Sunday.

This sport has gained such a boom that teams such as the ‘Diablitas de Hondzonot’ or the ‘Amazonas’ have transcended beyond the peninsular limits, which are characterized by playing with the typical hipil of the region.

Last Sunday, one of these women’s softball matches was held in Yaxchekú, Tizimín community.

Municipal authorities of Tizimín, represented by councilman Javier Portillo, inaugurated the match in which the ‘Felinas de Yaxchekú’ and the ‘Mayas de Dzonot Carretero’ played.

The official pointed out that one of the objectives of the current Tizimin city council headed by the mayor Pedro Couoh Suaste is to continue promoting sport, both in the municipality and in the communities.

Photo: (Yucatan ahora)

“It is a pleasure that there are many talents in the different disciplines and categories that always put up the name of Tizimín,” he said.

It is important to emphasize the interest that women have in this sport, not only in older people. Girls also show off by participating and being excellent players.

The family atmosphere in the field stands out, where relatives and friends of the athletes gather to enjoy the plays while they live together eating or dribbling.

Source: Yucatan ahora



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