What are CBD gummies, and why are they preferred over other CBD products?

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The recent boom in the CBD market over the last few years comes as no surprise. This miracle compound derived from the hemp plant has now become quite a popular therapeutic solution. You can consume Cannabidiol in a plethora of ways. Vape oils, massage oils, bath bombs, tinctures, creams, and lotions are some great options to choose from. Edibles like pills, CBD shots, cookies, chocolates, and gummies are other fun ways to intake CBD.

Today, we plan to talk about gummies in particular. Because, why not? These cute colorful CBD candies are not only amazing to look at but also delicious to chew on. But before we highlight the benefits of these colorful gummies, let’s discuss what CBD is.

What is CBD?
Hemp and marijuana plants contain several chemical compounds. One such natural compound is Cannabidiol or its better-known acronym CBD. The limited research carried out on CBD has so far found some potential health benefits. Do note, the FDA has not yet approved CBD as a drug, with only one exception. Still, many users report benefitting from its calming properties.

CBD could help with treating pain, stress, sleep issues, and other mental disorders. It is a natural, safe and non-addictive solution. CBD with zero THC content is ideal for those who want to avoid the high. The receptors in the body’s endocannabinoid system interact with CBD, which handles homeostasis. Homeostasis ensures the proper functioning of the organs. But enough talk about CBD; let’s discuss CBD gummies!

What are CBD gummies?
To put it in simple terms, CBD gummies are chewy colorful candy infused with CBD oil. There are a variety of CBD gummies for sale both online and in physical stores. These sweet treats vary in color, size, flavor, and shape. These edibles are a fantastic and easy way to dose CBD on the go.

It would take longer for CBD to kick in through a gummy. This is because the stomach has to first break down the candy. The CBD then passes through the digestive tract and liver before you can feel its effects.

What do CBD gummies contain?
Three broad types of CBD are usually present in CBD gummies:

  • Full-spectrum CBD – The extract includes flavonoids, cannabinoids, terpenes, THC, along with CBD. Gummies containing this compound mix provide your CBD dose in a more natural form. This is because full-spectrum enables you to take advantage of the entourage effect.
  • Broad-spectrum CBD – This type of CBD contains all the compounds of the hemp plant extract except THC.
  • CBD Isolate – The CBD oil present in the gummy contains pure CBD and nothing else. The extraction process involves thorough filtration methods to take out the CBD Isolate. These gummies are best used by beginners looking out to experiment.

Why are CBD gummies preferred over other CBD products?
There are several reasons why CBD users prefer to dose through these squiggly treats:

  • Gummies are a convenient, no-fuss way to take CBD. Have it as a snack at home or outside.
  • The CBD in these gummies has no psychoactive elements. Which means you can consume these gummies with confidence.
  • Gummies are also a discreet way to get your regular dosage of CBD if you happen to be outside.
  • They can be found in a varied mix of shapes, colors, flavors, and CBD concentrations. So if a particular type doesn’t work for you, don’t worry, there’s plenty more to choose from!
  • With CBD edibles, you needn’t stress over measuring out the CBD dose. Each gummy is pre-measured with CBD and is equal to one serving size.
  • CBD can be quite bitter to taste. Gummies contain sugar and natural or synthetic flavoring agents to mask the bitterness. So you needn’t worry about the taste.
  • The edibles are ideal for CBD beginners. CBD gummies should be your go-to edibles if you are in no hurry to feel the effects of CBD.
  • Certain gummies are available with added vitamins and nutrients. This may help improve your health and wellness.

We recommend that you experiment with yourself first. Figure out which gummies cater to your specific needs before honing in on a brand.

What are the side effects of CBD gummies?
Though most users tolerate CBD well, there have been cases of light-headedness and drowsiness. In contrast, certain individuals have stated that they felt more awake and alert after consuming the gummies.

Other risks may include fatigue, dry mouth, and diarrhea. Changes in weight and appetite could also be potential side effects.

How to dose on CBD gummies?
Before purchasing CBD gummies, it is important to consult a medical practitioner. Ask about the dosage you need and which CBD type is ideal for you. Let your doctor know if you are on other medication, such as blood thinners. CBD may interact with other drugs in your system. Hence, it’s best to play it safe.

Many chewables contain around 10 to 25 mg of CBD per gummy. Start small. You may choose to increase the dosage by 5 mg as your body acclimatizes to the oil. One gummy or one serving a day is the ideal dose.

How to choose CBD gummies?
Go through a few points before making your selection.

  • Ask for a COA or a Certificate of Analysis from a third party on the company website. In this way, you can ensure the quality of the gummies.
  • Research on the company’s manufacturing processes, especially the extraction methods.
  • Look for certifications and licenses from the manufacturing company.
  • Beware of extra sugar! Check for the amount of added artificial sweeteners.
  • Scan the product label for the listed ingredients. Certain packs contain added flavors, additives, or compounds that you don’t need. Some gummies may contain allergens or strange ingredients you may react to.
  • Hunt for organic and domestically produced gummies. Select those hemp farming companies that avoid pesticides and harmful chemicals.

Parting words
Cannabidiol has been known to produce benefits, albeit through anecdotal evidence and limited research. Keep in mind that extensive research on the health benefits of CBD is yet to be carried out. Although there may be no serious harm to ingesting CBD, it is wise to avoid overdosing. Look for reputable brands with genuine, quality gummies. Lastly, make sure to talk to a health professional before you get your hands on these delicious treats.