Vila Dosal says the relocation of the airport will improve the quality of life in southern Merida

Merida International Airport (File photo)

Merida, Yucatan, (September 21, 2021).- Given the continuous exponential urban growth of the city, which puts people’s quality of life at risk, relocating the new Mérida airport will provide better living conditions, acknowledged the governor of Yucatán, Mauricio Vila Dosal. 

“There is a problem that is the continuous exponential growth of Mérida’s metropolitan area where we see more and more subdivisions, this makes it more expensive to bring services and in the medium and long term it puts the quality of life we ​​have at risk,” he warned . 

Then, he indicated that, by “freeing up” the 600-hectare space, where the current Mérida Airport is located, it will be possible to carry out projects for public spaces, infrastructure such as parks, schools, hospitals, as well as houses of social interest. 

Interviewed, the governor assured that this project will be a private investment, since it will not have state resources. 

Also, he said that all this is already contemplated within the private investment packages of the federal government and that they would be announced soon. 

A few days ago, Aarón Rosado Castillo, territorial link of the Maya Train in Yucatán, specified that for the new Mérida airport, it is being analyzed that the best area for this is located in the polygon near the Poxilá railway operations center. A place where high voltage lines, the gas pipeline, the connection with the port of Progreso coexist “and in due course the dynamics with a new airport can generate high value for the development of the area.”

Mauricio Vila stressed that relocating the city’s airport would provide an opportunity to remove “more than 10 billion Yucatecans from the conditions of poverty in which they live.” 

“The current airport has a wall of 6 thousand kilometers, behind is what is known as ‘the deep south’, the area of ​​highest marginalization, being able to relocate it will provide conditions so that these people can integrate, move forward, have more opportunities to improve their living conditions, ” he said.