Uman’s landfill fire quickly suffocated

Photo: Archive

Flames last for hours in Umán’s public garbage dump.

UMÁN, YUCATAN.- For several hours, personnel from the City Hall of this municipality worked to control a fire in the municipal garbage dump, which began to burn yesterday morning and threatened to spread to more areas.

Due to unknown causes, the Umán municipal landfill, located on the Umán-Oxholón highway, caught fire and immediately, it spread to several areas of the landfill.

To fight the flames, elements of the Umán Civil Protection, under the command of director Jesús Campos; of Urban Cleaning, under the command of chief Jesús González; Ecology and Environment, Braulio Gómez Xool, and the councilors of the public garbage collection service commission, Armando Quintal Rosado and Francisco Alexis Uc Estrella, arrived at the municipal garbage dump in this city.

For several hours the municipal workers resorted to buckets of water and hoses to suffocate the flames.

Heavy machinery was even used to prevent the fire from spreading to more areas of the landfill.