Traveling Book Fair visits Mérida Friday 17th and Saturday 18th September

The objective is to bring the editorial offer closer to the general public. (Photo: Read for pleasure)

MÉRIDA, Yucatán, (September 17, 2021).- With the participation of various local bookstores and publishers, this Friday 17th and Saturday 18th September the third edition of the Itinerant Fair “Libros al Paso de Todos” will take place in Merida, organized by the civil association ‘Leer por Placer’ with the support of the City Council and the Secretariat of Culture and the Arts (Sedeculta).

The objective is to bring the general public closer to the publishing offer, which is available locally, so this time the event will feature the participation of Educal, Kamikaze Bookstore, Bunnix Club, Uribe Books, Edith Greaves Publishing House, El Ático Librería, Maldonado Editores, Librería de la Sedeculta, Kósmos and Educarte.

The event will be held in the park of Las Américas, located on Calle 20 and 23 in Garcia Gineres neighborhood, close to the “José Martí” Cultural Center, on Friday and Saturday from 17:00 to 20:00

It should be remembered that the first edition was held on July 30 and the second on August 14. 

Traveling book fair

In this regard, the representative of the group ‘Leer por Placer’, Rafael Morcillo López, explained that the project seeks that at least one traveling fair is held once a month in different parts of the city such as public spaces and outdoors, in which the health measures recommended by the authorities can be respected to avoid contagion. 

He stressed that there has been good participation in the events, especially since approximately 70 percent of the people who attend buy books, which helps the sector to recover.

Book exchange

During both days of the event, there will be a book exchange in which attendees can participate by handing over a book in exchange for which they will be given a ticket that can be exchanged for another of their liking. 

It will be necessary that the book is in excellent condition, complete, and free of fungi. 

Textbooks, specialized books, or free distribution books will not be accepted, but books of any literary genre will be accepted: novels, short stories, poetry, mini fiction, theater. Manga, comics, and graphic novels will be accepted. 

Storytelling for children

Similarly, there will be two storytelling events for children; on Friday there will be Gregory González with “Cuento que te Cuendo” telling Mayan legends and “surprise story” by Will Rodríguez and on Saturday 18 Angélica Santiago by the Sedeculta will tell “Fearsome Monster” by María Baranda at 7:00 pm.

He added that the intention is to reach more public spaces where people can access the books and the editorial offer they have.

Source: Sipse