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The living statues of Valladolid, Yucatán

by Yucatan Times
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Today The Yucatan Times will talk to you about “The living statues of Valladolid”, five monuments that are located in the so-called “Avenida de los Monjes” and that according to several witnesses, are able to move on their own. The statues are at the entrance of Valladolid, in the central median of the avenue along approximately 250 meters of distance.

MÉRIDA, Yucatán, (September 22, 2021).- The city of Valladolid is the cradle of countless paranormal phenomena that have occurred, and continue to occur, both in its historic center and in the new colonies and subdivisions, so the reports are continuous and due to that, paranormal investigators have had the opportunity to investigate dozens of cases in the so-called ” Sultana del Oriente .”

Appearances of a ghostly monk in the convent of San Bernardino de Sienna, Aluxes in houses of the Fernando Novelo colony, apparitions and witchcraft in the famous Zací cenote, the appearance of a banshee in a well-known hotel room, are just some of the investigations carried out and with surprising results.

Julio Molina, a native of Valladolid, says that when he was a scout he frequently camped in front of this avenue and that, on at least three occasions, he had to see, along with his companions, that the aforementioned monuments suddenly moved their arms (they raised them or they went down) and on one occasion, even their coordinator saw one of them moving.

“We thought the monk statue had fallen, which made no sense, and when we were about to get closer (they were about 20 meters away) the monk slowly climbed onto his pedestal. It was a very strong shock for us, ” he said.

310.- Estatuas de monjes se mueven solas en Valladolid, Yuc. - YouTube
Photo: (You Tube)

Witnesses inadvertently

The same has been seen by other people, one of our interviewees, who works in the market and passes by there every day.

“I saw two friars coming down from their base and they were talking, despite the fog I could see them and verify it when, when passing by the bases, I saw that they were empty,” he said.

For her part, Mrs. Marcelina, who sells street food in Valladolid, recalled the following, almost crying: “Every time I close my eyes I cannot forget them, it is as if I continue to see them. I remember that the first time I saw them was at dawn. I was going with my tricycle from the Sisal park to that avenue to take my sale to a maquiladora, it was about four-thirty in the morning. The lights were on and I saw two people clearly, they were talking in the other lane, I thought they were normal people, then I went ahead and I saw another person, I even greeted him, and as I continued advancing I realized that the bases where the statues should standing, were empty, I thought that the figures could not be seen because of the fog, but I got closer and confirmed there was nothing on those bases”.

Las estatuas vivientes de Valladolid
Photo: (Sipse)

And she adds: when I got to the end of the avenue I waited for dawn, other people passed by and I approached along with them, because it was already clearer and I realized that all the friars were already at their bases, where I saw two of them talking, there were only some dry leaves lying on the floor, I went to my house to pray, that day I did not went to work, I was very scared and since then I don’t go there ”.

A couple of police officers have also witnessed this: “They will call us crazy if we publicly declare what we have seen of the statues, maybe they are cursed or I don’t know, but that they move and get off, that’s true, we are sure, we saw it with our own eyes ”, they concluded.

Source: Sipse

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