The Covid ‘lollipop’ test is used for the first time in Tabasco to detect the virus in children

PCR paddle tests are part of the study 'The Lolli Strategy'. Photo: (Specia)

The Ministry of Health did not detail the number of children infected, but emphasized that they did not contract the virus at school.

Tabasco, (September 03, 2021).- Four days after returning to face-to-face classes, basic level students have tested positive for covid-19 in Tabasco. The diagnoses were made through PCR tests with saliva using ‘The Lollipop Strategy’, which is applied in 396 elementary schools in the municipalities of Jalapa, Teapa, and Tacotalpa.

Governor Carlos Manuel Merino Campos, denied that the contagion had occurred at school, on the contrary, he said, that school attendance helped to detect it early.

He assured that this virus was acquired at home, highlighting that the application of PCR tests at the beginning of the school year is giving good results.

Although he did not specify the number of infected children that have been detected, he said that the method through which ‘lollipops’ are simulated with swabs, has allowed to act in time.

On the other hand, the Secretary of Education in Tabasco, Egla Cornelio, said that so far in the return to school, the number of students who attend face-to-face classes has decreased from 115,000 to 69,000 students.

Meanwhile, Clemente Ortiz Méndez, leader of the Independent Union of Education Workers of Tabasco (SITET) said that according to the reports received, ten teachers have tested positive to the SARS COV-2 virus in the last four days.

Source: Excelsior