State Government New Proposal for the Gran Parque La Plancha

Abandoned rail yard. (PHOTO:

Mérida, Yucatán.- The state government presented a proposal for the construction of the Gran Parque La Plancha project that consists of selling 30% of the surface of the 37-hectare site and the remaining 70% would be complemented in the original project for the green lung of the city center.

Mauricio Vila informed that the determination to remove the project from the railroad station forced a loss of close to 12 billion pesos in investments, so now the proposal is to sell 30% of the space for real estate projects and use the proceeds from the sale to build the park.

“The proposal was well received by the federal authorities and it is feasible that it can be materialized, which will allow the federal government not to spend resources on this project and to materialize the Gran Parque La Plancha,” he said.

Félix Rubio Villanueva, activist, and promoter of the Gran Parque La Plancha project, pointed out that they will seek a meeting with the State Executive to know the proposal and establish the conditions presented by the federal government. The land in question has an area of 37.8 hectares, however, it is subdivided, since one hectare was given to the UNAM for the Museum of Light, which is already under construction.

In addition, 5 hectares have been awarded to the businessman Roberto Hernandez, 3 belong to SCT where antennas and the Railroad Museum are located, leaving 26.9 hectares free for the park project. It would be important to establish what space can be sold for a real estate project that would be a little more than 83 thousand square meters -8 hectares 300 meters-.

“La Plancha needs to become that green lung so necessary for the city for Merida, a space for citizens to coexist in a healthy environment,” Félix Rubio Villanueva said.