Second foreigner dead in the north of Merida within a week

(Photo: SIPSE)

The deceased was 48 years old

Mérida, Yucatán.- On Tuesday, September 14th, the body of a foreigner was found on the fifth floor of an Up-town Merida apartment building in the Montes de Amé neighborhood, north side of town.

The victim has already been identified as Matthew “N”, who was 48 years old, but there is still no official version of the cause of death.

The body was found Tuesday morning in one of the apartments of the building located on 39th street between 26th and 28th in the aforementioned neighborhood, a couple of blocks from the Gran Plaza shopping center.

Personnel from the Secretariat of Public Security (SSP), the State Investigation Police, and the State Attorney General’s Office immediately arrived at the site.

It should be noted that just 6 days ago, last Wednesday, September 8, another foreign man was also found dead north of Merida.

He was a 65-year-old Texan who rented a property in the Las Americas subdivision and was found dead several hours after having suffered a physical injury.