Sea currents reveal two cenote entrances in Playa del Carmen

Photo: (Por Esto)

At this location, the two “mouths” of a cenote have emerged from the seashore, next to Calle 4, have been uncovered due to surface currents.

Playa del Carmen, (September 16, 2021).- The arrival of sargassum on the shores of downtown Playa del Carmen is contrasting, because while in areas such as El Recodo where there are macroalgae, in other places such as the sandy area of ​​Calle 4, two cenote cavities are now exposed.

Corriente del mar deja al descubierto los dos ojos de un cenote en Playa  del Carmen | PorEsto
Photo: (Por Esto)

At no more than 50 meters from where Cristina Hernández works, the two mouths of a cenote emerged on the shore of the sea, next to Calle 4, due to the surface currents mentioned by the Secretary of the Navy.

Cristina Hernández explained that with so many businesses, hotels, and houses, the waters of that river must be very polluted.

Se abre socavón en Playa del Carmen, a metros del mar
Photo: (El Universal)

It was observed that the main arrival of the sargasso to the municipality is taking place from the Calle 16 all the way up to Plaza Fundadores, where the sargassum is rotting on the shore.

In this small cove is where around 12 workers from the Federal Maritime Terrestrial Zone (Zofemat) are working eight-hour shifts to remove the sargasso using specialized machinery for that purpose.

Source: MDP